What the Story of the Resurrection Means.

This year, millions of people will have an online service or sermon streaming into their homes. Millions more will make their way to a church worship service, with or without masks. Either way, Christians around the world will gather to celebrate the cornerstone of Christian belief: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave, or, as it is known by nearly all, Easter.

But what does Easter mean?

While our culture has morphed this Holy Day into a holiday featuring lilies, butterflies, eggs, and bunnies, many people will want to hear this story. And why not? It is Good News!

These words open the heart, lower any defenses, and pave the way for better conversations.

About 20 years ago, I had to make a tough phone call. It could have been an explosive phone call. The person I had to call intimidated me. He had a reputation that kept people away. And that was fine with me. I successfully avoided him. But a situation arose that made a hard, honest confrontation inevitable.

(Full disclosure: I am a pastor and he was my bishop!)

At first, I put off the call. I really didn’t want to talk to him. I had to tell him something he didn’t want to hear. And I also had to ask…

Grieving reminds us of love.

I wrote an account of my mother’s darkening dementia last week. It seemed to strike a chord with some readers and friends. It seems that many have gone through experiences like this.

I wrote in the story:

My mother does not know that her husband of 21 years died two weeks ago. We haven’t told her and sadly, she hasn’t asked.

Many readers made the same choice about telling one parent with dementia about the death of their spouse. This seemed to Fran and me the most compassionate way we could go. We did not want to tell her again…

My mother at 12, 50, and 90.

At 92 years of age, a part of my mother is slipping away.

When she turned 88, I began noticing that she repeated her stories over the phone when we talked. On many calls, she would shyly ask where I lived. We hadn’t moved cities in 35 years. She couldn’t remember. When we were out to visit her and her husband in Tucson, and we would watch a movie, I knew she was clueless about the plot. She was starting to lose it.

Once, I accompanied her to a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment. (She has always been physically very healthy.)…

David Roseberry

I am an author, teacher, pastor, and speaker. My books are on Amazon or at Leaderworks.org where I serve as Executive Director.

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